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BarcodeChecker App for iOS

Check the barcode tickets with an iPhone.The BarcodeChecker app for iOS allow you to scan and check tickets with barcodes or QR codes with one or multiple smartphone(s).

Scan barcode tickets printed with TicketCreator or any other barcodes from an Excel file.


iOS app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with iOS8 or later.



All smartphones must be connected to a Windows PC (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or Windows 11), which runs the BarcodeChecker software as server.

The BarcodeChecker app is free, however, you need the TicketCreator Barcode edition or a BarcodeChecker license to run the server. You can test the server in demo mode. 

A Wi-Fi router is recommended.


Supported barcodes and QR codes

The camera reads barcodes in the formats Code 2 of 5 interleaved, QR code, and others.The apps read barcodes and QR codes with up to 200 characters.

The camera of the phone is ideal to read QR codes. You can also use it to read 1D barcodes but that can be slow and inconvenient.

Barcode types
QR codes
Code 39/93/128, UPC-A/E, EAN-8/13, PDF 417
Code 2 of 5 interleaved, Data Matrix, Aztec

Barcode scanners that are connected to your phone by Bluetooth read 1D or 2D barcodes much quicker and more reliably than the camera of your phone. See below for details.


There are three ways to connect the phones to the server PC

Direct connection of phone to virtual router (not recommended)A.) Direct connection to router (recommended)

Connect the server PC to a WiFi router and create a secure local network. Then connect the smartphones directly to that WiFi router to get a fast and robust connection. More...


Direct connection of phone to Wi-Fi router (recommended)B.) Direct connection to virtual router software (not recommended)

Install a virtual router software on the server PC and use the internal WiFi card as router. Then connect the smartphones directly to that virtual router. Caution: Performance and reliability can be lower than with a hardware router. More...


Connection of phone to sever over internetC.) Connection over internet (not recommended, experts only)

If the phones have a fast and reliable internet connection the whole time while scanning, you can also connect to the server over the internet. Caution: This connection is failure-prone (if you have a weak signal) and you must create a port forwarding on your router!


Scan barcode tickets

1.) Install the app on your iPhone.

Scan this QR code to install the BarcodeChecker app for iOSBarcodeChecker-App von TicketCreatorScan the QR code on the right to install the BarcodeChecker for Tickets app (free) on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, or download the app from the App Store.


2.) Start BarcodeChecker server on PC


3.) Setup router

Direct connection of phone to Wi-Fi router (recommended)If phones connect directly to router (recommended)

Connection of phone to sever over internetIf phones connect over the internet (not recommended, experts only)


4.) Connect smartphone to server


5.) Scan tickets (with camera)




Scan tickets with a Bluetooth scanner (recommended for 1D barcodes)

The built-in cameras of smartphones are useful to read QR codes but can be slow and inconvenient when reading 1D barcodes. Therefore, it is recommended to read 1D barcodes with a wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner that is connected to your smartphone.

We recommend scanner from Socket Mobile or CipherLab. But you can use also other Bluetooth scanners.


A) Barcode scanners that are attached to the phone for a one-handed solution:

Socket Mobile S800 (for 1D barcodes, prices, SocketStore)


B) Handheld barcodes scanners:

How to use Bluetooth scanner: Show instructions for iOS/iPhones.