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Create quickly and comfortably an unlimited number of locations. Seating charts are displayed on screen and allow easy selection of numbered seats.

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Simple location with 3 sections, two with reserved seating, one with general admission.
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Complex location: 3x floor, 6x boxes, 6x tier and 3x balcony
Row and Seat numbers
Row and seat numbers
sequential numbers
Sequential numbers
discontinuous seat numbers
Discontinuous numbers



With TicketCreator you can easily create an unlimited number of events with up to 30 performances each. An event can have up to 50 price categories, consisting of a regular price, a reduced price and up to 10 special prices (e.g. 'member', 'subscription'). Tickets without a price can have a special text (e.g. 'press ticket', 'VIP').

In numbered sections price categories can be applied to rows (left picture) or individual seats (right picture; business and barcode edition only).

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One price per row, multiple in section
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Individual prices for each seats



TicketCreator manages also ticket reservations. Reserved tickets are shown in blue on the seat map and display the reservation in the tool windows when clicked.

This feature is only available in the business or barcode edition.


Season tickets

Multiple events can be combined to a season ticket for which only one tickets is printed. This is useful for sports events or concert series which always use the same location.

This feature is only available in the business or barcode edition.


Print secure tickets with copy protection

With TicketCreator you can easily print secure tickets, which cannot be forged or copied. Therefore, an encrypted barcode is printed on the tickets, which is checked at the entrance with the included software BarcodeChecker and a simple barcode scanner (USB or PS/2, starting at € 50,-/ $ 60,-), webcam, an Android phone or an iPhone. More info...

This feature is only available in the barcode edition.


Seat labels

Seat labels mark seats and facilitate the orientation of your visitors. TicketCreator can print labels for the rows or seats of your locations. More...


Labels for rows

seat labels rowwise

Labels on both ends of a row 
(e.g. "Row 1, seats 1-10")

Labels for seats

seat labels seatwise

Labels for each seat
(e.g. "Row 1, seat 1"; "Row 1, seat 2")