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Can I test TicketCreator before buying?

Sure! Download the free TicketCreator trial version and test all features yourself. You can create an unlimited number of locations and events, which also can be used later with the purchased version.


How do I print tickets with TicketCreator?


What kind of tickets can I use with TicketCreator?

You can print tickets of any size and format. Most users get their own unnumbered, blank ticket stocks printed and perforated by a local printing company and use then TicketCreator to print numbers and event specific data onto them. But you can also use just blank cardboard.


Can I add images to the tickets?

Yes, you can add up to 10 images in jpg, gif, bmp, or wmf format.  However, you should make sure that the images have a resolution of 300dpi or less because larger images reduce the printing speed dramatically.


Can I get help getting started?
Yes, check out the video tutorials. Moreover, a context-specific help is always available when using TicketCreator (press F1) as well as a manual (pdf document).


How do the barcodes tickets work?

The TicketCreator Barcode Edition can print unique numbers on the tickets (both as number and as barcode), which are checked with a simple barcode scanner and the BarcodeChecker software at the door. Each number can only be use once to enter. If someone tries to enter again with a tickets (e.g. a copied ticket) you get a warning. More...


Which printers are supported?

All Windows-compatible printers are supported: Normal laser- or ink printer, as well as label and ticket printers. You can use the trial version of TicketCreator to see, whether your printer is supported.


Which Windows versions are supported?

All Windows version for PC are supported (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10). MacOS is not supported.


Which languages are available?

TicketCreator is available in English, Spanish, and German. You can select the language during setup.


Can TicketCreator be used for online ticket sales?

No. TicketCreator cannot be integrated into a website.