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独特的TicketCreator让你使用自己计算机简单地制作各种票卷,迅速地设计复杂定点的票卷(例如剧院座位),按照多重的方法设计具有吸引力的票卷,并且可以采用多 种方式打印。 甚至可以管理预定票卷和季票,打印座位卷标,不同型式的报表,和详细的损益。含带条形码的安全性票卷,是不易被复制或假造,同样也可以被设计 与打印。


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You can print tickets with any layout or ticket format
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TicketCreator is a powerful program to print tickets for your events economically at home on your own PC.


Create, design, and print attractive tickets with row and seat numbers, tickets with serial numbers or unnumbered tickets in any format on your regular printer. Even tickets for complex locations can be easily created.


Tickets with row and seat numbers (reserved seating) have the great advantage that your visitors do not have to fight over seats or arrive very early to get good seats. This service guarantees satisfied customers, a quiet event and is expected for tickets of a certain price. And if your chairs are not labeled yet, TicketCreator can also print seat labels for your location.


TicketCreator can also protect you against copied tickets and losses in revenues. If wanted, TicketCreator can print for this purpose a barcode on each ticket. The barcode is then checked at the entrance with a simple barcode scanner and the software BarcodeChecker. Each Barcode can only be used once.

TicketCreator还可以防止复制的门票收入损失和你。如果愿意,可以打印TicketCreator为此每张门票上的条形码。然后检查条码是在与一个简单的条形码扫描仪和软件 BarcodeChecker入口。每个条码只能使用一次。

You can create tickets of any size and format. Print your tickets on cardboard, perforated tickets, or customized ticket stocks.


Further features include the management of  reservations and season tickets, diverse reports and a detailed balance.


TicketCreator has been especially developed for organizers of middle and small sized events (choirs, music groups, theaters, sports clubs), who print their own event tickets and sell them directly and via advance sale. It is designed for standard PCs and not for the use in a box office. No additional expensive hardware required!


Just try TicketCreator! Download the free test version with unrestricted functionality, create and print your own tickets and test its many features. All locations and events created can later also be used with the registered version.



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Shareware for Windows; Free download TicketCreator runs on all Windows versions (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10). It supports all Windows compatible printers, like laser printers, ink printers, ticket printers, or thermal transfer printers.