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Use TicketCreator to print tickets for Excel lists with barcodes or names

If you have Excel lists with barcodes and/or names for your event, you can use TicketCreator to print the respective tickets or badges.


A.) Excel list with barcodes or barcodes and names

If you have an Excel list with barcodes you can import this when creating the event and print tickets with barcodes. Additionally, you can import names, which can be printed onto the tickets and be shown when scanning.

1.) Create an event. The number of seats must be identical to the number of barcodes in the Excel list. It is recommended to create an event with serial numbers.

2.) While creating the event, activate the option "Print barcodes on ticket" and select "Other barcodes".

3.) Then import the Excel list with the barcodes or barcodes and names.


B.) Excel list with names

If you have an Excel list with names you can use the reservation feature to print tickets with names. These names can be shown when barcode tickets are scanned.

1.) Create an event.

2.) Add the "Line for reservation" to the ticket layout.

3.) Save the event.

4.) Open the event and select "Reserve".

5.) Select "Import names from Excel" and open the Excel list.

6.) Assign a seat for each imported name. You can also select multiple names.